How to Draw Kratos, God of War! [Speed Paint] SeeBonnyDraw #16


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SeeBonnyDraw Episode 16: “Ghost of Sparta”
Bonny paints Kratos. That is all.


SeeBonnyDraw is a speedpainting show featuring the art and commentary of Bonny John. The show focuses on pop culture characters ranging from TV, film, video games, anime/manga, comics, music, and whatever else comes my way. The art and commentary seen above here on YouTube should only be found uploaded to the artist’s (Bonny John) personal websites as seen in the description above. If you find asny plagiarized work, please let me know!


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  1. Haha thanks, wish I could. Still trying to get that exposure and then hey, maybe someone could help me get to that point! ;P

    Be sure to share this video and my channel and little by little I can get closer to that notion! 🙂

  2. Haha hmm, I'm not really seeing it, maybe when I look at the reference again I'll try and do a comparison. Thanks for the critique though, I'm always interested in seeing what people think and no matter the case, I can take it to help me for future sake!

  3. Awesome flames on the swords! Overall a great job, maybe the only critique I'd have is it looks a little like he has a tumor on his left shoulder (our right). Just looks oddly big, then again maybe thats how it was in the image you were working off of.

  4. Haha Ttreads you already know. He's voiced by a black actor, TC Carson. But he's white as…something white…like…an albino black person. Yerp.


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