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Higher Graphic card memory is required for high resolution games, or animation software. This tutorial explains process to check the graphic card memory of your computer system.

If you download a game that needs high resolution, you will notice a pop up that mentions, the need for high memory graphic card, so it will ask you to upgrade the same.

This is perhaps the reason, why you will have a need to know the graphic card details.

There are 3 methods through which you can check graphic card details on your windows 7, 8 or vistas

Method 1 – Right click on computer – Properties – Device Manager – Display Adapters.

Method 2 – Right click on Desktop -Personalize – Display – Adjust Resolution – Adaptor.

Method 3 –Simultaneously Press Win key +R from keyboard – type dxdiag Select Display tab.

Note: As of now external graphic cards are not available companies like Asus, Nvidia are working on the same.
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44 Replies to “How to check graphics card memory in Windows 7, Vistas & 8”

  1. thanks sir i have 2gb graphics memory 🙂 with amd radeon ram 4gb win7 ultimate 32 bit

  2. My pc availability graphics card memory 1824mb, 4gb Ram, hard disc 500gb, 64bit, Intel celeron 2957U @1.40GHz, is my pc supports sniper elite 4 game???? However I did installation but game works slowly ….

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