Her: Love In The Modern Age


Her: Love In The Modern Age, chronicling reactions to Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated film, Her. The documentary, directed by Lance Bangs, features stories and reflections from writers, musicians, actors and contemporary culture experts, including Olivia Wilde, James Murphy and Bret Easton Ellis, on the film Her, and their thoughts on love in the modern age.


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  1. This movie is a masterpiece you can pause at any scene and it'll be a cinematic goldmine. The entire script was absolutely beautiful. You can publish the 2:05:00 and anyone will read it.

  2. I came here because its one of my favorite movies, but after this talk i just feel like shit. Monogamy doesnt work ? really? i am tried of listening men saying that. For me, it totally works. No, it is not just a concept that is made to keep people under closed box structures. Whatever. And yes, there is Tinder, hurray, if you think its good to fuck around, without feelings. Hurray for you filthy animals.

  3. Lol I clicked on this video thinking it was a video essay analyzing Her & Love in the Modern Age. Instead I got this beautifully genuine film that talks about love in a deeper level. But dang, this hits home.

  4. It’s been 10 years since I last looked into her eyes, held her hand, or told her that I love her… and I still think about her. I think about her every day.

  5. This movie is so amazing, but I feel it's leaning towards the progressive left and tries to ignore instant gratification and the disconnection between people.It gives some real valuable food for thought, but it's slightly leaning on the progressive side. I honestly wouldn't consider one night stands relationships. Sex is not relationship in the same way as fast food is not a Michelin restaurant or as this movie is not a Marvel movie. Do you see where I'm getting at? It's not easy to digest, it's not a transitory pleasure… it comes hard and changes you forever.
    Technology enables and makes a lot of things easier, but it does not replace human relationships. Maybe one day our brains will rewire and then it will work, but for the time being… it's quite often a very slow and painful process which leaves a lot of scars. And when you do eventually meet the "right" person, it will go against you… you will want that instant gratification which will make you feel guilty, sad and depressed.

  6. "Love is the antithesis of fear" I love the film and this documentary and Marc Maron. Will I ever love another person like I love these things… I hope so and more. So many of these stories really hit home and made me feel less alone in their honesty. We accept the love we think we deserve. I hope I deserve more in the future. I will always love and think about Her and all the hers in my life that changed me forever.

  7. My favorite part about dating in the modern age is that sometimes people will video tape themselves having sex and post it online for me to jerk off to.

  8. I've been married for almost 2 decades. One thing I've learned is to never expect your spouse to fulfill your needs most of the time. And, there's more than one "soul mates" we can bond with. Finally, love is conditional in practice.

  9. Am I the only one who wants to be loved, but when someone arrives and gives us what we want, we immediately close ourselves? I really think I have a problem with intimacy.

  10. What a great (for me, youtube-) video! So many people involved, and what a relatable topic, and not just on the level of the work (Her) itself, but them, themselves. Noice.


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