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For years MLB The Show has been in the conversation of being the best looking sports game on the market. In MLB The Show 17 you have the option to decide how beautiful you want the game to be. In this video I show you a comparison between the 4K setting and the High Frame Rate setting. Check out the video and share your thoughts.

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9 Replies to “Graphics and Resolution Settings Comparison in MLB The Show 17 | This game is BEAUTIFUL”

  1. I've gone back & forth between the 3 settings & high framerate just looked bad to me personally and while the 4K is absolutely beautiful certain animations really lagged. For me, the enhanced visuals is the perfect balance. No rough textures at all, looks beautiful and runs at a high enough frame rate that I never notice any animations lagging at all. I highly recommend the enhanced visuals mode if you have a Pro & a 4K tv.

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