Game Graphic Design tutorial: Learn to create digital 2D Game Graphics in Photoshop from Scratch


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Hi are you looking to lean how to create professional digital game graphics? Would you like to make money creating art work for games and animations. Then this is your course for creating digital backgrounds from scratch.

This course can give you the skills to become a freelance illustrator or graphic artist designer. Would you like to create the art work for your own 2D Fantasy games. Are you tired of searching Youtube for videos on creating game art?
This course will take you through the basics of Photoshop, brainstorming, design process, values, color theory, water creation, and asset building. The course instructor is Jaysen Batchelor, a freelance illustrator and designer. The course has a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If you enroll today you’ll get 50 free assets to use in your own digital art backgrounds.

This course requires Photoshop and a drawing tablet is recommended.


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  1. This is so unnerving… You're making a lot of things in the slowest and less efficent way possible. No nuance on how it is applied on videogames. And worst of all, you editing choices are terrible. THe good par hovever is the creative way you approach to design, I must admit that…

  2. Great job on the video. Thanks. To the person who was upset by it not being 'from scratch', how was it not from scratch? You'd use your own sketch to work from, then layer on top of it. That's just how it's done. Feel free to do all the steps without your pre-drawn graphic but why wouldn't you want to solve your design in paper first? Fair enough if this course is not for you but I think you've misunderstood something. Good luck. I hope you found something that will help you.

  3. I reserve purchasing this as I am skeptical about if it really is from scratch. So much content on Unity is a dissapointment, it promises you a comprehensive start to end course, but then asks you to download pre created content which you them simply spend the rest of the course manipulating. Such an approach is NOT condusive to understanding or learning something in greater detail.

    Here you are simply tracing over pre created work. I would really love to follow along the creative proecess for prodsucing such work, however I prefer not to purchase a course where I am wacthing someone elses work.

    In your course intro, you say you offer "50 free assets" so there we go, this is not as advertised, already made me think again about purchasing the course.

  4. I think this is a pretty good photoshop technique tutorial video haha 😀 , learned a lot from it!
    It was amazing when you create the texture of island under the sea.

  5. Good background
    -good graphics
    -Make it very Exotic
    -Atleast a faded space background on the top
    -and add clouds/Gas/Fog

  6. I download photoshop 2 days back. I was trying to create 2D character for my game, This tutorial helped me a lot to understand.

  7. Jaysen you did a great job on this tutorial. It is very easy to follow if you have an understanding of Photoshop and if you are a newbie. Question… If one is looking to produce a 2d side shooter game what is the best size canvas to use?

  8. Thanks so much for this introduction to the course, the introduction alone is very educational. With a lot of information, if one already had basic artistic abilities and basic knowledge of Photoshop this could act as a quick brush up lesson to reintroduce artistic game set concepting and creating. There is a lot of valuable info in the one video, It was awesome of you to share it Thank YOU.

  9. What's good gear/equipment should I get to get started? Such as recommendations on computer, drawing tablets, ect.

  10. Great tutorial. Do you have any suggestions for 2D animation programs that will be used in mobile games?
    Thank you!

  11. I will do photo and image editing and retouching

  12. Thanks dude!
    I wanna ask you which is the program for making 2D games? I don't have any experience in programming so I ask about a program with very easy to use I don't need to know programming! I mean a program which has tools to program the games (like Photoshop) so I don't need to know the basics of programming. Is there a program like that?

  13. There are two main challenges to overcome for beginners in stuff like this. The first being, you have to actually hand draw something descent looking. The second one is that you have to keep to the same or similar art style and feel with every drawing, and you have to keep the lighting consistent as well.

  14. Hi there I'm interested to ur videos. I think I'm going to purchse it soon. But I would like to knw what r the iteams or thing I will need it
    Thank u

  15. Hi
    I will purchase your course at some point. But I have a question, do I have to be a programmer in order to make assets for games?

  16. worst tutorial I have ever seen.. Not because it wasn't well done for what you showed but because what you showed wasn't as advertised… "Create Graphics from Scratch". Step 1. : Scan a pre-drawn graphic. How is that from scratch.. also you say for complete photoshop newbs but jump around the tools quite quickly which isn't newb friendly at all.

    Maybe this is a video from the middle of the series, you don't say and if it is how would I know you are going to start at the beginning enough to warrant paying for the series.

  17. Man I have watched your complete course on Udemy, I must say it worth each penny. You did a great job. I have a query about the background music theme which you played throughout the course while drawing several object. I want to use that theme in my game if you could please tell me the name and artist.

  18. If I want to design a background for a 2D game with a big map, how would I make it so you could go around the whole map. Should I make pieces of it and use them.


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