Fix: Steam doesn't recognize Graphics Card


In this video, we’re going to show you what to Fix: Steam doesn’t recognize Graphics Card. We can solve the problem by making sure that the GPU has the drivers installed and by forcing Games to run on the dedicated GPU.. Watch this video to see how to do it.

Fix: Steam doesn’t recognize Graphics Card
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► Update Drivers with Driver Updater :

In this video we cover up the following issues :
1. Fix: Steam doesn’t recognize Graphics Card
2. Steam doesn’t recognize Graphics Card


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  2. finally at least part of what i am looking for, however still having problems with steam even under run as administrator it does updating steam for at least half hour if not FOREVER, and then I am constantly getting Not Responding once IN STEAM (only started a few days ago) and games wont open or run AT ALL. also the last time a game DID run I noticed it was running at 1000 kbps (or maybe that was Mbps) for no reason, my PC desktop should be plenty strong enough to handle everything so Im not sure why this is happening.? Ive gone into cmd prompt followed numerous instructions, tried to up the performance of my PC and also delete unnecessary stuff in the registry (at least as far as ppls instructions tell me) I may not understand it all, but it has not fixed anything.

  3. I have a problem with total war shogun 2 this problem also happens with total war nepoleaon when i load my game it will do the intro then it goes to the menu and it starts to have low frames and when i go to settings it says I have the Microsoft rendering card or something and it will say I have 256mb I have not found any solutions that helped so if u could help that would be great

  4. Note for AMD graphics cards, go to the AMD graphics card settings, GPU rendering, select triple buffering. Voila.


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