[ENG SUB] BTS Knowing Brother ep. 94 FULL


BTS Knowing Brother episode 94 full eng sub

credit : jtbc
rm, jin, suga, jhope, jimin, taehyung, jungkook,

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jimin make bts laugh so hard

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BTS Knowing Brother

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  1. 36:37 Really he is like CGV and his soulful warm deep golden unique voice while speaking or singing
    His acting skills wooooooow 💜💜💜💜
    38:57 V has a nice voice 😍 Totally agree
    1:38:14 genuis
    Respect to all of bts

  2. I came here for BTS but the hosts were incredibly funny. This bunch of weird looking mixed men killed it!🤣🤣
    I died laughing twice, once at "popcorn please" and when he intimated "is this how you dance" referring to Jin's foot callous.

  3. 1:14:01 "I can tell jungkook isn't a lucky guy"
    JK:*smiles* (just watch)
    makes the one that used to be in first place fall off the table
    JK:*let's get it*

  4. 59:01
    Me:you really messed up with a wrong person
    Rm:that was so cool
    Jimin:go away
    Jimin: you two will stay there forever
    Rm:i think we'll die as AUA team

    This is so funny

  5. Jimin getting pissed off at Namjoon is honestly the funniest part of this whole thing….He got so pissed and everyone was just dying!!!!!

  6. Look Min hung hook face expression 😐and jimin expression 😑 they not interact you what I mean 😂😂


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