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Now that’s an epic homemade Ender’s Game trailer!
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Ender’s Game is finally coming to theatres, but not without a homemade trailer! Watch Homemade Movies’ surprisingly epic (and accurate) Ender’s Game trailer made with exploding toy planes, plasma balls and sweet Ben Kingsly face tattoos.

Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite trailers and movie scenes. All videos are exact shot-for-shot remakes created at home without any visual effects. It’s “sweded” movie magic from acclaimed director Dustin McLean! Be sure to leave a comment below for what movie you want to see homemade next.

Dustin McLean
Christopher Senger
Piotr Michael
Priscilla McLean
Nancy Bell
Samantha Baskin
Ian Malone
Spencer Garrova
Jon O’Brien
Sean Puglisi

Special Thanks to Anthony Bosco & Didier Benitez

Directed by Dustin McLean
Produced by Jon O’Brien and Dustin McLean
Created by DustFilms

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26 Replies to “Ender's Game Trailer – Homemade (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. Nice, but what are those sparklers you use? The ones you say are "safe for use indoors"? They look custom to me

  2. As a Kiwi the Ta Moko in this video does not look at all authentic. I'm not sure about how it looked in enders game, haven't seen the movie. Anyway I'm enjoying the homemade more series, keep up the good work.

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