Elder Scrolls Oblivion GOTY, Extreme Graphics, Part 3: New Skyrim Commentary (Let's Play, 1080p HD)


Part 3: New Skyrim Commentary, and a New Water Mod: Liquid Water v2 (Oblivion GOTY Gameplay)

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Hello Imperials, and all others who in Cyrodiil do dwell! This is my TES IV: Oblivion series, with totally decked-out extreme graphics. I am using many enhancement mods, including RAEVWD, Qarl’s Texture Pack 3, DarNified UI and Oblivion Graphics Extender v2 with SSAO and God Rays. I also upload all of my game footage in dazzling 1080p HD, so try watching these in the highest definition that you possibly can!

In this one, I show off a new module for Oblivion Graphics Extender called Liquid Water v2. I also talk about the newest Skyrim video that I could find, which includes talking about Skyrim’s lockpicking system, AI enemies setting traps, using necromancy to reanimate dead chickens, spriggans (a type of monster) returning in Skyrim. I also find a video from Tokyo Game Show which hints at the beginning of the game. The dialogue with Arvor suggests that we start the game in Helgen, and we are about to be executed, but a dragon destroys the town, allowing us to escape. Link to the screenshots: Link to the Tokyo Game Show video:

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Here are the mods I use, and links to them:
1. Unofficial Oblivion Patch:
2. Really AEVWD Cities, Imperial City, and New Sheoth:
3. Natural Environments: Weather, Vegetation, Water, and Habitat:
4. Oblivion Graphics Extender v3: Volumetric_SSAO.fx, Godrays.fx, and Liquid Water v2:
5. DarNified UI:
6. Qarl’s Texture Pack v3:
7. Color Map Mod v1.1
8. Illumination Within v1.0

Nguồn: https://ilhapura.net/

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  1. Oblivion was MY game man, I have spent so mabny hours in that world. Dark Brotherhood was so damn EPIC and BADASS in that game. Best Dark Brotherhood chapter ever!

  2. You really know how to make your videos interesting culveyhouse:) I've been watching all the new skyrim videos, so this'll be my next stop, thx for making!

  3. @OriginalGoob oh don't worry, my viewers and I can give you tips if you get stuck. Just start with normal difficulty and go from there.

  4. @OriginalGoob Oh… well I did start out with a few, and one of the first things I did was build up my destruction skill by casting spells at wolves and deer, haha. Then I bought more destruction spells. It's a good way to start off, because otherwise enemies are OP

  5. GOT DAM some how, I don't know how I have two Amaizing graphic cards CPU gets 3.8 ghz of speed if I buff it get 4. ghz and I have crazy graphic mods to make game look awsome, still some how your game LOOKS BETTER! wdf!

  6. @Synomis192 yeah lol, I mentioned in the first vid that I accidentally created a taylor lautner nord, lol. Too late to re-do the face, because the console command would reset my skills back to 0. :O

  7. another great video, thanks. I love that sunset. and yes, I'd like for you to continue Skyrim commentary, I think we all do 🙂

  8. @McRepee nope, I don't need a new PC. However, I do need to upgrade my graphics card (currently Geforce GTX 285, will upgrade to 570). Yes, frame rate sucks in Oblivion because of the 12 mods (mostly frame-killing graphics enhancements) that I've added. You mention you get 90fps… If you have an LCD monitor, there's not really any point in going beyond 60, because most LCD displays cannot refresh faster than 60fps anyway.

  9. @MrLagvag I read about that… it's kind of ambiguous at this point, but yes that would be freaking awesome. One of the first things I'd do in Skyrim is get bitten by one. 😀

  10. @culveyhouse I can almost guarantee its RAEVWD causing it, cause it renders every single building inside the city no matter where you are I think

    I saw like a 20 fps increase when I turned it off

  11. Those actually might not be guardsmen. I was reading someones hands-on-preview of skyrim and he said that he ame in contact of a band of mercenarys fighting a giant. They later ask the player to join them. Though they did not specify whether it was permanantly like a guild or temporary for adventuring reasons.

  12. @pth88 yeah, I noticed already that whenever I point in the direction of the Imperial City, even from way over in Chorrol, the fps drops to 10, even if trees are completely blocking the view. I wonder what the hell is up.

  13. @ChevalierDuNoir46 No prob man, and I'll be doing more skyrim updates with each Oblivion video, so look for more every few days!

  14. I still get a tingle when I stumble upon a video showing my mod Illumination Within. I am the original creator of IW.. Slapman or was it Slap.. Dam its so long ago now..lol

  15. The mods looking great! Just be careful if you ever visit the waterfront with full reflections on, your computer might implode from all the stuff going on

  16. @jessedp69 oh actually, the natural environments mod that I have installed does thunderstorms & snowstorms… they just haven't happened yet.


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