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On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan dissects one of America’s most pressing issues: the rising cost of prescription drugs. Hasan breaks down how America’s complicated healthcare industry has lead to these price hikes over the past few decades, and looks specifically at how increases in insulin prices have impacted the millions of Americans that need it to survive.

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Drug Pricing | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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  1. Capitalism is a beautiful system. It's amazing, inspires dedication and competition and sparks the constant improvement of life and astounding innovation.

    But one place is soundly does not belong, is healthcare. You should not be able to turn a profit on life itself.
    Life, liberty, and justice.
    Notice that life is listed first.

  2. so what i want to know is why we can't buy the drugs from whoever is supplying the rest of the world. clearly that's the issue. and if it's the same companies, i'd like to know what the F*ck.

    initial remarks aside i know the problem and it's that our congress is in the pockets of big pharma. bernie proposed a bill at one point that would allow medicare/medicaid to buy drugs from canada at 1/2 the price and it got rejected. and every damn senator who voted against it had campaign contributions from big pharma.

    while we're discussing that PBMs are a wasteful middle man, so are health insurance companies. we're literally paying them to cover us in the event of illness and i'm sure a ton of people can speak to how well that coverage works.

  3. we get free medicine in New Zealand lmao. I suffer from bipolar disorder and psychiatrist and psychologist consultation is free as well on top of that i have a support person who i can talk to. All for free.. So USA isn't the dream place anymore ..its nightmare.. Imagine me living in USA. I would be left without meds and any consultation. I would be dead lmao

  4. U guys stay in ur knees for the graphics team when the whole show including them great. I bet it's the graphics team commenting cause they can't on Netflix lol. Prove me wrong !!!!!!

  5. Of course insulin is cheaper in Germany! Reason one is, that we eat less sugar (31,3kg Germany vs. 33,9kg USA in 2014/2015 (the last reliable numbers I could find)) and probably less fat (still searching for studies which are not from 2000) so we just have less diabetics (round about 9 to 10% instead of your ca. 30%). Reason two is, that we have laws to regulate the health sector who are actually enforced (healthcare for everyone, affordable drugs etc.).

  6. what are you talking about Planet Fitness is awesome?? they have 2 of every machine so you’re not waiting for a single machine to free up. Their membership is like ten bucks a month. I dunno they opened up a Planet Fitness on Maui and I thought it was awesome maybe they’re not so great elsewhere? 🤔

  7. How is that geeky teenager the ceo of big pharma??? He sounds like a bratty kid who's pretending to run his dad's business

  8. Some people complaining about hand movements.?? I don't get you guys. He's hosting a talk show, standing up.

  9. Time to slaughter the hogs, if a life is lost due to greed, a life should be taken. The pigs would lose their appetite fast. Kill 2 and call me in the morning.

  10. I hope people realize if an alternative to insulin is discovered drug companies will literally send hitman after the people behind it. That’s how corrupt this is.


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