Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series Laptop Disassembly / Fan Cleaning


Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series Laptop Disassembly and Fan Cleaning

Assembly Video : coming soon

How to take apart Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series laptop
Includes :
– Removing Battery Pack @0:30
– Removing back cover @0:40
– Removing Hard Disk Drive @1:10
– Removing Wireless Card @2:16
– Removing RAM You can do it at @3:16 but the actual action I took was at @12:48
– Removing Keyboard @5:20
– Removing Motherboard @9:20
– Removing Heatsink and Fan @11:50

Remember to always separate screw for each section
If the laptop can’t be turned on,
Double check the cable or socket when assembling the parts again

This tutorial was not made by a professional

Do so at your own risk
I am not responsible if something goes wrong when you follow this tutorial

When you find something broken, it’s often part of it was damaged before you open it. so relax


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  1. Excuse can someone help me my laptop is the same model but it does not have the part where you connect the HDD can someone tell what the piece is called

  2. kak laptop saya dell inspiron 14 persis dalam vidio. layarnya mati tapi mesinnya hidup. setelah dibawa ke tempat service laptop. ttp gk nyala malah bunyi" tut tut sekarang. itu masalahnya dimana y?

  3. in the min 8:27, near to the ram are two metal pices, they took off from my case, should i worry? what are they for?


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