Code-It-Yourself! 3D Graphics Engine Part #1 – Triangles & Projection


This video is part #1 of a new series where I construct a 3D graphics engine from scratch. I start at the beginning, setting up the project, then discuss vertices and triangles. Next a description of how 3D coordinates are converted into on-screen 2D coordinates using a projection matrix. This results in seeing a cube being rotated in 2-axis and translated.


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  1. With Visual Studio 2017, the old project options window shows up when you choose the "Windows Desktop Wizard" option.

  2. Okay I've posted and deleted two comments now but genuinely where the heck do you find the files at 7:13 because they literally don't exist on my computer

  3. I might to do a run through of this series this week, but I haven't really used visual studio at all before. Hmm

  4. I made something "clever" long ago with text/pictures (b/w bitmaps) where a pocket computer scanned from left to right and defined start-points, end-points and a line between with what it found of black in the scan and skipped to the next black for a new set. Line by line,down. Any projections turned out pretty well. It took some time at 7 MHz, though.

  5. 7:02 I think you forgot to mention where exactly you got that "Console Game Engine" file from. Am I supposed to download that from somewhere? Was it covered in a past video?

  6. jonathan blow – How 3d games do graphics
    he made a video dat explains this to much more intuitively and if you see that video you will understand much better this topic

  7. These tutorials are perfect. I wish I had them when I first took interest in 3D years back. Would have saved me from the frustration of trying to learn low-level concepts using bloated monstrous beasts like OpenGL (seriously, try getting started in OpenGL and C++). My kids are gonna have Amigas and C64s before I graduate them to x86, or maybe they should just use your console engine. 😛

  8. Hello David, I've re-coded this little 3d engine in python to work with sdl2 and it works really well, except I can't seem to find a way to move objects on their axis, could you help please?

  9. I'm not sure how much preparation you put in to your videos, but I would guess it's quite a bit because your explanations are well organized and clear of cluttered language. I appreciate that. Well done.

  10. in case some of you want to know more about gimbal lock – see this :

  11. For some reason, this is not working for me. I copy-pasted all the code, with the olcConsoleGameEngine.h and when I run it, it displays a black window for about a second and the exits. It doesn't show any errors either. Can someone please help me.

  12. Hey, Can you do a tutorial on console graphics for Linux? I love the idea of not using librarys and to do everything urself but I think many of your viewers actually use Linux.


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