Blindspot 1×22 Promo "If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render" (HD)


Blindspot 1×22 “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render” – After an abandoned baby is found with a tattoo identical to one of Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander), the team races to piece together the child’s identity and save dozens of infants. A furious Jane confronts Oscar (guest star Francois Arnaud) about the outcome of his secret missions. Also starring Sullivan Stapleton, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Ashley Johnson and Ukweli Roach. Jay O. Sanders and Dylan Baker guest star. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Blindspot season 1 promos in HD!

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Blindspot 1×22 Promo/Preview “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render”
Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 Promo
Blindspot 1×22 Promo “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render” (HD)


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  1. Please, does anyone know the name of the Jane and Weller's kiss soundtrack D: It's such a masterpiece D:

  2. I like Jane with the other guy and not the fbi guy he old ass shit I want Jane to go against them and be a total badass so they can try and take her down

  3. please let Jane and Oscar be bad like sons of anarchy bad that would be awesome plzzzzzz not this boring same old same old good guys vs bad guy.

  4. I was getting worried part way through the season that the show mightn't live up to expectations but I really love how it's going now. Totally turned it around! Can't believe there's only one episode left.

  5. Just when i was gonna stop thinking Oscar had shady intentions and actually loved Jane then BLAM! Episode 21 sinks my ship. How are they going to wrap up this conspiracy into a neat present with a bow tie in two episodes? I seriously can't handle a 4-5 month cliff hanger. i can't theorize and procrastinate for that long!!!??!!!

  6. I'm just so happy they got a full season! I'm so tired of these 10-13 episode seasons nowadays! I hope they were renewed for season 2!

  7. if they kill Oscar … well i'm gonna be really piss off!! Jane is also pissing me off by the way she talk to him its her damn plan that he follow!

  8. Well well i did not see that coming. they are just trying to make Oscar a bad guy so their no other option but to make Jeller. I will never support this, NEVER.

  9. They probably wiped her memory because she did not plan anything. Most likely her memories are because she's been brain washed into believing she even has any memories. She probably is not Taylor Shaw either. Carter is most likely alive and he is a part of the scam. Oscar is not to be trusted. He is a bad guy.

  10. lol. I don't know, but I look at those episode with the idea that this is Jane's plan in mind. Like sure, she forgot all about it and she can be outraged and angry, but she's ultimately the leader of this shindig. They're just following the plan that she forgot, which is why Oscar told her she had to get a different handler; she was emotionally involved with him and that wasn't supposed to happen. I mean, you guys can be fooled by Jane now if you want, but the Jane who made this whole plan and had herself tattooed and stuff, is a cold calculated person with the best intentions at heart and who doesnt give a shxt about collateral damage. If anything, she probably planned on having Mayfair in jail for this because of that other project that Mayfair was so worried about (forgot the project's name). You know, if you can't have someone in jail for one thing, but them in jail for another. Perhaps not precisely for that murder, but wtvr. I jst want her to regain her memories and be badass. If anything, that funeral flashback where she went with Oscar to see the way her loved ones still mourned her with a straight face was very telling.

  11. i think its stupid that jane just trusted oscar blindly and did the missions without demanding answers for everything and not telling anyone..

  12. there is more to Oscar just using Jane. that's what intrigued me about this show. nothing is as it seems and the truth could be in plain sight. love it!!

  13. I think Oscar dies! I mean, I don't want him with Jane but that doesn't mean I want him dead!!!
    Also, JELLER KISSS !!!!
    But Aw Jane! Why is Oscar like this ??
    I really hope Weller can forgive her in time


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