Blacklight Retribution – Intel HD Graphics 3000


Hey Guys! This is my first video and I will show you guys how Blacklight Retribution, runs on my Intel Graphics Card. This is a very enjoyable game but with a little server problem (I cant really get in servers) it can be fixed easily with a Update. Keep in mind that this game is to show how the graphics card plays the game, not my skill, but enjoy my one kill for you guys(: I will list my computer specs below:

Proccesor: Intel Core i3-2330M Processor / 2.20 GHz

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Display: 14″ / 1366 x 768

Total Memory (RAM): 4 GB

Storage: approx. 500 GB (HDD)

Optical Drive: DVD SuperMulti Drive

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64-bit

I just listed those quickly, i’m sorry if some aren’t needed, I just thought I would list them(: And also, the game video settings are low except for the texture quality, which is on medium.

Game Performance:
With Fraps: 15-22 fps
Without: 20-35 fps

This is fairly good for the Intel HD Graphics 3000. Please enjoy this horrible game play of me trying to play this game but I am just showing the graphics. Please Like! 😀

Here is the URL to download the Free to Play Game:


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  1. cuz i jsut freeze like i can play for a little bit but then it just lags out it freezes and becomes unresponsive 

  2. Do you usually play on thesesettings? Or just play on them cuz you're recording? Cuz I'm pretty sure this GPU can do a lot more. I have an Intel HD 2000 and it can do a lot more. With a Pentium@2.3GHz. I play everything on high and things like AA off cuz My GPU doesn't run too good with it enabled.

  3. I get a bit higher FPS than you as I have Intel HD 4000. I have to turn the settings to the bare minimum, but i would take FPS over graphics any day.

  4. the Intel HD 4000 is only 15% better in all aspects that the Intel HD 3000, i see some test and comparisons

  5. This game play in all max settings? I have Intel HD 3000 But a having a Little LAG when all of configurations are in the max

  6. I have 2 gb ram intel gma 4500mhd would I be able to play this gae up to 25-30 or more fps? I'm just wondering because my new laptop I got isn't really meant for gaming (intel celeron 925) don't know what that means

  7. my computer doesn't even run tf2 this fast :'( I hope I can get the one I want – 650m with hd 4000 😛 (laptop)

  8. @didingding I am truely sorry i havent been getting back, my computer is having a harddrive failure, i need a windows disk to repair it, but ill look into it! Thanks for your patience!

  9. @didingding ill look into it, my computer is having a computer hard-drive problem and i need a windows disk to repair it i believe, but i currently have no access to a computer 🙁 but thanks foe your patience!

  10. Many people say the performance on iGPUs depend heavely an RAM frequency.
    can you please let us know what kind of ram you have build in ? 1333,1600 2000 …???

  11. Do you play on a Laptop or a computer?
    If you play on a computer, if I was you I should buy a graphics card
    for around 100 euros.
    Any Questions ask me!

  12. Whats the resolution of your computer? And make sure that your resolution in the game matches your computers resolution.

  13. Yeah, maybe once I get the money I can make a computer, that is meant for gaming, but that will be once I get a job :p

  14. You can (if you don't have a laptop). Its pretty easy to do. Still, this has acceptable performance nonetheless.

  15. Yea, this game is very well optimized, I had low settings with a couple mid options on my Radeon HD 6530d and was getting 60 FPS at 720p, upgraded to a Radeon HD 7770 and can get 60 FPS at max settings now. The graphics improvement is quite good, the game still looks decent on the low end though too and runs good.

  16. I forgot to mention in the description, that i lowered the graphics so I can get a better frame rate for recording. I can change the texture quality to high and it runs fair. But I enjoy it on medium mostly. Haha, you machine is probably better than mine ^.^ haha.

  17. *Second Part of Response

    Then if THAT doesn't fix the problem, if you already tried google, the only conclusion i could come to is reinstalling the game. I hope this helped!

  18. Have you tried restarting the computer after install? If you have done that, and the problem still proceeds to encounter, go to steam, then your library, then click the down arrow and go to all games (if you are under the download section) then find Blacklight Retribution and right click, go down to properties, then go under local files. Make sure you click backup game files to make sure nothing gets corrupted, after you do that, click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Wait for that to finish.

  19. HELP!!
    my game said my video driver have to update but after i update the game still giving me problem by make my game so lag i can`t stoot and move and make the other team easy target so help me how to fi this problem


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