Athens Special | EUphoria Season 4 Episode 12


Drakos and Froskurinn talk about Athens and answer your Twitter and Instagram questions. Timestamps in the YouTube description.

0:34 Introduction
1:31 G2 vs. FNC
10:09 Twitter questions
– 10:40 Question #1
– 12:18 Question #2
– 12:56 Question #3
– 17:12 Question #4
– 22:18 Question #5
– 22:55 Question #6
– 23:37 Question #7
– 27:49 Question #8
– 28:46 Question #9
– 30:37 Question #10
– 34:11 Question #11
– 38:01 Question #12
– 39:48 Question #13
– 43:14 Question #14
– 43:43 Question #15
– 45:12 Question #16
– 45:54 Question #17
– 48:07 Question #18
– 50:43 Question #19
– 51:29 Question #20
– 53:37 Question #21
– 53:55 Question #22
– 56:40 Question #23
– 57:29 Question #24
– 1:00:39 Question #25
– 1:01:51 Question #26
– 1:02:33 Question #27
1:02:46 Athens
1:08:08 Who will be the 3rd team for Worlds?

Bets to be resolved:
Quickshot frog tattoo bet.
Xerxe MS Paint t-shirt bet.

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  1. i hardely disagree with froskurin about the meta question. G2s Playstyle, the Playstyle that mad them so dominant, is to use pressure in a very specific way. They dont use the Teleport to flank or fight they use it to constantly pressure their lane opponents, making them loose cs and platings. The Platings are also one of the reason this Playstyle is superior, because they can be a safe gold income. In this way they build up their early lead and dominate the opponent. And as long as they get winning lanes in Draft and do not fall into this cave mode, i think this strategy is superior to the chinese one, because if u dont fight and dont let them use their combat summoners, they are useless. The reason G2 swaped away a bit from this Playstyle, were their trollpicks during the season but as they start getting opponents that can challenge them theyll turn on their pressure game again. Also Grabz is a coach thats understanding the importance of pressure better than any other coach.
    Another example how important pressure is in this Game is in wich way Moskau5 changed the game in their dominance during season 2.

  2. Asian teams will cannibalize themselves by only screaming the teams from their own leagues. They won't expose themselves to other styles and therefore not see problems in their own style and learn firsthand foreign styles.

  3. Larssen inting did not lose them the game!!! The inhibitor was already up they couldn't kill the nexus anyways!!!

  4. The difference betweeen being a g2 fan and a fnatic fan is that we here for the history,for the legendary times,we support even if we lose,we here looong before 2017.G2 fans are a bandwagoners they re fans cause of caps or jankos,they dont even know who ocelote is,,they re fans cause they re winning thats all. ALWAYS FNC.

  5. drakos you re wrong buddy.G2 have been bought,they have never been produced its like manchester city in football nothing less nothing more.Jankos cant go through finals? ok lets go to g2.Caps cant win ig because of how cocky he was? okk lets move to g2(more money).Perkz wtf is even doing at adc? i m telling you one thing once adc will be relevant again (i bet in the coming season) perkz gonna get slapped so hard against real ad carries..he is baaaad adc he is not adc at all end of story.I dont think g2 have any chance winning worlds.

  6. I am a huge Fnatic Fan, but even I admit that G2 is the best team right now. And besides the games they fight each other, I also hope G2 wins just because it gives us as a region the chance of winning worlds. Sure, I could hope fanatic crushes G2, but IF this would happen, it would also mean that G2 has a weakness other regions could exploit during worlds. If G2 wins, I can be very confident that G2 will win it all and finally brings back the world championship to EU.
    Fanatic got their chance last year. I hope they will further improve and work on their team so they become the best next year. Don't waste Nemesis in his first year. You all have still a long road to go!

  7. I really hope, more than any matchup, that we get a SKT vs G2 Bo5 series rematch.
    G2 will not want to troll because SKT looks so much better than they did at MSI. The
    Korean juggernaut have beaten down any team they played recently. I do think G2
    are a team that can withstand, and keep fighting till the end. It will go too 5 games.

    Massive respect to Frost, stating that she can't comment on the calibre of Korean teams. So
    many casters in the past have made mis-guided statements about how good Korean
    teams are and how they will perform and just end up looking silly. Point is, if you really don't know, don't

  8. Although i think they have a lower chance to make it, Origen is the only team of that gauntlet that would have something interesting to show at worlds

  9. Which is more satisfying?

    Your favorite team winning againstFNC or FNC losing and watching fans cry and be salty AF

  10. Why did they not mention Nemesis for rookie of the year? its his first season in LEC and he did amazing. First couple of games he was shaky but so was the whole fnatic team. Nemesis to me looks like a way better player than Larssen and Humanoid. And what happened with selfmade? wasnt he announced rookie of the springsplit? I know he didnt do that good in summersplit but give him a mention atleast?

  11. When you talked about biased casting, a single line from frosk stood out to me before even the first game started, which arose during the predictions. Im paraphrasing because I am too lazy to go look it up again, but something along the lines of "You are taking scared option of 3-1, it will obviously be a 3-0 smash" sort of vibe. Sure, throw us a story about how G2 is the best team europe has produced, but don't knock the org with the largest legacy who have shown to be no push overs in high-stake matches. Just no need.

  12. 53:48 Loved the struggle with the Hungarian name 😀 (Ask Csacsi for pro tips on pronounciation, it'd be a good laugh)

  13. What I don't like is the narrative that every year the number 1 team is the best team of all time. This happened last year, this happened with 18/0 Fnatic. If next year Misfit is number 1, people will say it's the best of all time because of this or that. Same as saying season 1 Worlds didn't count because China and Korea were not there. This tournament paved the way League of Legends is today. I remember when League of Legends announced the tournamer for WCG 2010, this was insane at the time.

  14. God, why is the EU so BM. You guys are just…. terrible to listen to. So cocky and rude, you all have G2 itis.

  15. Considering that to this day the LMS is still better than the VCS it's kinda annoying seeing the double standards at play between the two.

  16. Gotta remember that theres a large number (probably most) of Fnatic fans like me that doesnt write almost anything at all and understands that G2 is the most dominant team ever in EU, but still loves Fnatic and their players to death. I think its important to understand that not all Fnatic fans are a hatefull bunch of individuals that refuse to see how good G2 rly is, but rather a small percentage that makes alot of noise.


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