Are Two Graphics Cards in One System Still WORTH It?


Best cheap budget graphics card solution? SLI/crossfire still worth it? So are multiple graphics cards in one system (dual gpu scaling good enough?) In this video, I’m going to break it down for you guys, show you 1 vs 2 graphics card performance upfront, to answer the question, if two graphics cards still are worth investing in, coming up!

*CPU* RYZEN 1700 ►
*RAM* 16GB DDR4 ►
*GPU* DUAL GTX 970 ►
*MOUSEPAD* SteelSeries QcK+ ►


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  1. Ur rap sounds silly.. please talk like a normal person. This just a tutorial so why not just let it be? Super annoying even there a small good hint inside ur video. But, still looks stupid to me. Sorry bro, please change ur rap to talking normal. U deserve more than this stupidity, bro..

  2. Great vid..

    I bought a alienware area 51 7500 r5 along with 3 other towers, a stack of memory cards, a like 4 or 5 graphics cards.

    On the Alienware Area 51 7500 r5, what would be the best way to turn this into an extremely powerful video editing tool?

    Thanks in advance..

  3. Watch from 4:46 single graphic card and 5:06 double graphic card performance.

    Long story short, the answer is yes, adding another graphic card will give you a performance boost, but don't expect that adding another card of the same make and model is going to double your framerates or anything.

    At most expect a 20-37% increase in fps and performance.

    Thank me later.

  4. I have SLI'd EVGA gtx 970 FTW. Much faster rendering, fps is generally the same except cleared up stutter, no more screen tearing, stabilized fps and latency. So instead of 45-62fps, I'm seeing 57-64fps on some games I play. Closing that gap is something not a lot of people notice when going with two cards.

  5. The answer is YES, but the FPS does not double and everything that graphic cards works with basically improves by 40-50 percent

  6. SUMMARY:Adding a 2nd same graphics card increases its fps also he was playing his game with his 1 gpu and only got like around 30-40 then plugged in his 2nd gpu and got like around 80-90 fps. When he played fortnite with 1 gpu he got around 80-100 then he plugged in his other gpu and still got around the same so plugging in the 2nd gpu's only work on some games.

    SUPER SUMMARY:Adding a 2nd graphics card boosts ur frames about 80-90% (according to this dude who said it in the video)

    (worth it btw)
    (yall are welcome so that you dont have to watch the video)

  7. 12:40 you with 2 GPUs 70-90 fps me with 1 GPU 100-160 fps + obs is recording 😀 BTW i have an GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 mini itx oc 6gb gddr6


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