All About That [Upright] Bass – Meghan Trainor Cover PMJ ft. Kate Davis


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So, this one is pretty self-explainatory. The incredibly talented young performer you are watching is Kate Davis, and she’s the real deal. Not only does she possess the kind of voice that will take you back to the days of Billie Holiday, but she can also shred on the upright bass. You know what to do, internet – let’s make her famous, because she deserves it. Find her on Facebook here:

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Kate Davis – vocals and upright bass

Dave Tedeschi – drums

Scott Bradlee – piano & arrangement
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  1. I still think that the idea of having the singer play the bass while singing this song is hilarious, but even with this huge visual pun hanging out, they nail it. I love everything about this video, but especially the way Kate Davis approached the vocals. It just works so well. I listen to this song at least once a week.

  2. Could this be redone so that I can actually hear the bass when it isn't playing solo?

    (FWIW, lady is attractive exactly the way she is – and nice voice and she can play, too.)

  3. Following PMJ through times I came to conclusion that Scott Bradlee with team are jeweliers on their own. They are selecting artists and makes the best of them, like carving jewels from stone. Composition, arrangement, sound scene all is perfect. If you look at Cate Davis or others performing on their own, it is never at such heights as with PMJ.

  4. Wow, this is amazing, and I can't understand that over 4200 people did not like this… btw, in the beginning of the song, the sub is wrong… It's not trouble but treble 🙂

  5. Can someone answer this 3 question, please? THANK YOU SO MUCH <3
    How does the music of Meagan Trainor connect to a style which originated over a century ago?

    How is the song different from the original?

    How does the rendition of the song bridge the gap between music from over a century ago to today?


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