After Effects – Best HD Render Settings


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This video shows:
Adobe After Effects HD Render Settings
After Effects CS5 Best Render Settings
Fastest Render Settigns
Best Render Settings
HD Render Settings
Best HD Render settings
After Effects Render Settings
Gear I use to create videos:

Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition:
Cannon 1100D:
Softbox Studio Lighting 2x85W:
Editors Keys SL300:
Dual Layer Popfilter:

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Outro Music:
Artist: Blackmill
Title: The Light
Genre: Melodic Dubstep
Software: FL Studio 10
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Skype: BamDanUK


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  1. Thanks soooo much, I made my demo reel in after effects and after all the hard work I rendered the output but it was coming out a bit blurry and didn't know what was wrong bcoz it was set on high quality with H.264 but after watching this I found out my bit rater was low and now with your settings the output is all clear and perfect thanks!!!!

  2. hi
    I have an asus rog G74sx, and to render a 14 second video, it take me 45min to 1h !!!
    I use CS6, is it normal because of my GPU/CPU? (NVidia gtx 560M 3Go)

  3. Does it come with a big size file or small size?!
    Because we have a rubbish Connection lines here in Egypt so I was making sure of the result size! :'(

  4. AAAAH fuck haha the end render finish noise confused me cos I've been rendering for like 10 hours and it's still not done :(((((


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