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전세계가 사랑하는 명품 꿀 보이스!
노래 시작과 동시에 입틀막 하고 눈물 흘리는거 국률이라구요…(❤´艸`❤)
천상의 목소리! 지금 바로 들어보러 가봅시다!

K-POP 시상식의 새로운 공식! 2018 MGA
즐거움과 특별함이 배가 되는 다양한 구성으로 새로움과 감동을 더하고!
뻔한 식상함은 빼고! 팬들과 함께 음악적 교감을 나누는
음악 시상식의 새로운 공식! MBC플러스 X 지니뮤직 어워드

#2018MGA #찰리푸스 #SeeYouAgain
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22 Replies to “[2018 MGA] 찰리 푸스(Charlie Puth) – See You Again”

  1. If you search for we don't talk anymore with jk, you will find all biased people….but this is the place where Charlie puth fans can show there love…..any bts fan=Imao Charlie puth is the best even though he is underrated

  2. Im so laugh cz i've heard that bts / bp fans say that charlie puth using bts / bp for fame, hahaha come on guys Charlie Puth is one of biggest star with high quality, he is world singer, and also he more famous and more talented than bts, all people around the world know about that, so stop make the stuppid opinion 🤣

  3. Hello Charlie from Italy! You have a beautiful voice! You are simple and nice. I like too much your songs and especially ' See you again ' ! When i hear this song ………i cry! 😂😔😢👍👏👏💖💓💕

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