【ENG SUB】Musical Specials!KeepRunning Season 4 EP5 20200626 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]


【KeepRunning S4】 would be updated every Friday UTC/GMT+08:00 12:00
Li Chen/Angelababy/Zhen Kai/Sha Yi/Cai Xukun/Guo Qilin/Song YuQi/Huang Xuxi
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【ENG SUB】KeepRunning Season 4 EP5:20200626 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

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KeepRunning Season 4 is an outdoor sports reality show launched by Zhejian TV and aproduced by the program center of Zhejiang TV. #LiChen, #Angelababy, #ZhengKai, #ShaYi, #CaiXukun, #GuoQilin are the fixed members of this show during the season. #Lucas #HuangXuxi and #Yuqi #SongYuqi will join them later due to the pandemic.

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  1. I just searched for silence wang. I cannot believe he is born in 1989. He looks like and acts like his late teens or early 20s

  2. the subs are too tiny that if i horizontally watch the video, i could only see the upper half of the subs. i hope this could be changed to YouTube type of subs wherein there's a background and clear white, large fonts.

    but thank you for the subtitle, I've re-watch it again.

  3. The power of attraction is needed in this tv show because of powerful man The Hercules Man Li chen..also gorgeas women Angelababy and a lot of funny moments like zhulan and Deng Chao…hope this variety upraged time to time…handsome is doesn't matter but the more powerful is "attraction"..

  4. am I the only one that starts expecting for zhang yixing to be one of the guests soon? hahahaha they are inviting almost all of kun's past mentors 😂✌🏻

  5. For some reason, I was reminded of the sugar packets that were the exact same colors. Pastel pink, blue and white. Lololol

  6. I appreciate the team for bringing out this content on English but please do not degrade the quality of the video. It’s very pixelated and the audio doesn’t match up to the video. Please do it like before where you add English cc subtitles as an option to the original video rather than embedded into it and lower the video content

  7. When I heard the ost for big fish, I thought it was a female singer.
    When I saw zhou shen on Keep running I was amazed by his vocal.
    (And on a side note: he looks cute and innoncent 🥰)

    I got to say, ShaYi is fun. I found myself loving this guy more and more.
    I Iove the new cast 🤗


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