【ENG SUB】Men in Black VS RM Crew – KeepRunning Season 4 EP6 20200703 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]


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Li Chen/Angelababy/Zhen Kai/Sha Yi/Cai Xukun/Guo Qilin/Song YuQi/Huang Xuxi
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【ENG SUB】KeepRunning Season 4 EPX:2020xxxx [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

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KeepRunning Season 4 is an outdoor sports reality show launched by Zhejian TV and aproduced by the program center of Zhejiang TV. #LiChen, #Angelababy, #ZhengKai, #ShaYi, #CaiXukun, #GuoQilin are the fixed members of this show during the season. #Lucas #HuangXuxi and #Yuqi #SongYuqi will join them later due to the pandemic.

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  1. 29:20 can somebody tell me what's the title of this background music?
    I really like this music and i want to know it😶somebody pliss help me

  2. Lol i remember a similar episode like this on Korean Running Man ! The episode when someone hit Ji Seok Jin when the light turned off as well ! Lol and the members acted as his lawyers to defend him ! Whilst Yoo Jaesuk played as the lawyer for the guest villain actors and Kwang Soo ! 😂

  3. You know what weird?

    The translation name for everyone is in English while Jackson name is still Wang JiaEr 😂.

  4. Spoiler for everyone who is wondering who won

    The winner is team white, Li Chen’s team. It was 66 to 34.

    Right after all the guests left Li Chen began crying. To be honest he was feeling guilty the whole day because he actually lied about Sha Yi hitting him. He cried because the reality is people believed him even when he was wrong. There’s a clip that shows the truth. The truth was that he hit himself after Sha Yi fell and sat down on the ground. There’s also a clip that shows him saying, “Please don’t come to me. Please don’t come.” (This was right before the cast has to pick which side is telling the truth.) Because he doesn’t want people to believe him because he knows what he did was wrong.

    Li Chen then gave a short speech on how sometimes everything presented to you isn’t always the truth. Everything put out there to the public may not always show everything and the truth. He feels guilty that many people believed him when he was the liar.

    This goes to show that a lot of the things we see on the internet especially social media isn’t always what it may seem. Especially for celebrities. Their career can be over because of rumors and fake scandals and false forged evidences. Of course, this is just what I understand, and also they’re not saying this only happens to celebrities or online. Anyone can go through the same situation as Sha Yi or Li Chen in this episode. They pray/ask for everyone to be more open minded.

    Remember this episode is just an experiment. Li Chen is a very nice man, and this is coming from a fan of keep running for 5 years. If you watch any of the episodes you’ll see how nice he is. You can tell he was lying throughout the episode because he was feeling so guilty his expressions betrayed him. I think he was glad that Angelababy and Zheng Kai didn’t believe him because that shows how close they are, and that all of them has gone through so much to get to where they are at that they’d rather choose the truth than someone they like or know even as close as family.

    Overall, I think this episode gave a really important message like all of the previous episodes before. This season is really good. I hope everyone can learn from this episode. I apologize if I said anything wrong in this post. I’m not Chinese and just use my basic Chinese understanding. Thank you 🙏.

    P.S the cast is so precious.

  5. Baby-jie reaction when she saw Kunkun run so fast is literally me, i almost die of screaming omg

    And also, jackson is so cute as always, i cant take my eyes off of him uwuu

  6. Jackson trusted him because Jerry really looks like a sincere man…Actually he is…After seeing him crying even after winning this…I can say he is a good man…

  7. I got up early today and the first thing am doing is watching this for Jackson Wang…Why am writing it here??Am showing my sincerity…😌

  8. Wait how was it possible for Jackson to go shoot this episode but not have Lucas and Yuqi come back from Korea? Genuinely curious.

  9. I really love the original cast of this show and I miss them so much but having these new bunch of cast is not really bad you know😂

    And also my heart went oops at 45:22 hahahahahaha
    By the way thanks for the English sub💋💋

  10. Yowww Kunkun keep on doing really great on solving something and keep on analyzing into it,I stan the right person❤


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