【ENG SUB】Life Archive Keep Running Season 4 EP1 20200529 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]


【KeepRunning S4】 would be updated every Friday UTC/GMT+08:00 12:00
Li Chen/Angelababy/Zhen Kai/Sha Yi/Cai Xukun/Guo Qilin/Song YuQi/Huang Xuxi
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【ENG SUB】KeepRunning Season 4 EP1:Life Archive 20200529 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

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KeepRunning Season 4 is an outdoor sports reality show launched by Zhejian TV and aproduced by the program center of Zhejiang TV. #LiChen, #Angelababy, #ZhengKai, #ShaYi, #CaiXukun, #GuoQilin are the fixed members of this show during the season. #Lucas #HuangXuxi and #Yuqi #SongYuqi will join them later due to the pandemic.

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  1. Am glad there is eng sub otherwise we wouldn't have been able to understand their emotions 😭😭
    Thanks for ur hardwork😊😊

  2. I'm doing a keep running marathon for the nth time 😂 Thank you to all Keep Running staff for subbing the episodes! All of you are amazing!

  3. wow i really enjoyed that had some meaning behind all the games. I agree by saying that doesn't exist a definition of perfect life, as long you're happy it's fine!

  4. Wait how do you know English? Guess what I am Chinese and I know English 🤣🤣🤣 also who was talking in this channel?

  5. jddhhhdhdhdhdhdb又黄道吉日活动和弹道导弹急景凋年方面的拜拜拜拜,那么那么对不起,太Siri嗨Siri Siri嗨。

  6. When cai xukun bride was announced I'm struggling having a heart attack 😭😭because I was so jealous 😫😫
    And then it was Angelababy.. Ohh godd safe😂😂I'm not jealous tho safe safe safe 😂😂

  7. It's a bummer Lucas and Yuqi were not here. They could've been partners in this episode and I would trade anything just to see them in tux and wedding dress while clinging arms to each other😭

  8. I only watch this because the old member still here but i think all of them were so good together..Justin so cute and idk if i'm the only one but he look just like Hee Chul from super junior maybe because of his hair though 😆 anyway i enjoyed this episode


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